When a thunderous mudslide crushed her family’s British Columbia home, Dr. Lynn Migdal came face to face with the sudden inconceivable loss of her entire family and homes. Already an expert in Chiropractic Medicine, Health and Wellness, Stress Solutions, Breath Flow, Holistic Resiliency, & Grief /Trauma relief, Dr. Migdal mined the depth of her 35-year career to create nothing short of a miraculous shift from Grief to Gratitude and the healthy expression of Infinite Eternal Love.

In this pre-recorded course you will learn how to find the love that you think you may have lost when your children or anyone else has died.

Learn Tools that could help you to reconnect to your lost ones’ love.

Master the skills that could help you stop feeling broken-hearted and raise your potential to experience a heart that is broken open to enormous love.

This 12 hour, 7 modules Pre Recorded E-Course comes with her Eternal Love Connection Grief Resiliency Tool Book, where she delivers simple Brain, Body, Breath and Flow-based tools for handling extreme loss, grief, pain, guilt, anxiety, improving one’s health, and Reconnecting oneself back to Love!

This course is dedicated to Parents who lost children but can help anyone who is grieving a lost love and or family and desires to feel healthier, happier, and full of Love!

In a world where natural disasters, mass shootings, and now pandemics, many of us are grieving something or someone. This Ecourse offers tools that can help you higher levels of natural immunity, vitality, holistic fitness,  physical/ emotional resiliency and is also packed with tools for soothing the pain of PTS and Grief.

The Health and Wellness natural healing tools you will experience in this course from Dr. Migdal,a  Holistic Flow Chiropractor has helped thousands to heal their pain and to bounce back from trauma and loss.

Return to a High state of Health and Love as you learn how to harness the skills of:

  • Gratitude & Forgiveness 
  • Breath Flow  and Breath Posture Mastery 
  • Natural Stress Solutions
  • Healthy Pleasurable Nerve Flow Postures
  • Chakra Color Forgiveness and Release Therapy
  • Picture Therapy
  • Breath Dance  Movements to Help you Feel. Breathe…Flow… and Let Go!
  • Self Love
  • Holistic Fitness and High states of Wellness
  • The Art and Powers of Flow