Brain & Breath Fitness

Flow is the key to your blood, breath, cardiovascular, digestive, immune, endocrine, urinary, excretory and reproductive systems.

When you choose healthy nerve and breath postures, it allows space for the cranial (brain) and spinal nerves to flow freely. One of the most important cranial nerves is the Vagus Nerve, the most holistic and longest cranial nerve.

When this nerve is free from the pressure of unhealthy posture, it strengthens its “tone” and is able to communicate strongly and clearly between the organs, systems and the brain.

The Vagus Nerve controls our hormonal reaction to stress and that is why it is the most researched nerve when it comes to PTSD. It also controls our levels of inflammation, and our immune response.

The positioning of our body when using unhealthy “techno” breath and nerve postures, such as when on a cellphone (forward, twisted and tilted head and shoulders), puts pressure on the Central Nervous system and could cause extra emotional, nutritional and physical stress.

Healthy Techno Breath Posture can be the new hero of our society. When you choose it, you create enough space for the lungs and diaphragm to open and contract fully and for your spinal and cranial nerves to flow freely. This allows the delivery of proper 02 and Co2 levels, and for your brain and central nervous system to flow at its highest potential.