Discover Enhanced Clarity, Wellness, Focus, Productivity, Connection and Peace

Live & Virtual Programs – Keynote Speaking – Courses & Training

Individuals & Families

Whether alone or surrounded by family, peace, health and happiness are what we all want to achieve.

Our emotional and physical resiliency are being tested as our world becomes more stressful. Help yourself and your family be better prepared for the new changes that are upon us.

Organizations & Business

Take the necessary steps to raise levels of Holistic Fitness and Wellness in your organization.

Encourage happier and healthier employees as they discover breath postures that can be used at any time to become more peaceful, focused and productive.

Honor Your Brain-Breath-Flow Connection
and Embrace the Greatness Within

We all have our own Greatness living inside of us, our Central Nervous System.

Our nervous system needs to be healthy and to flow freely for optimum levels of Resiliency, Prosperity, Wellness and Emotional Fitness.

When we learn how to relax and honor our Nervous System through a healthy Brain-Breath-Postural “Flow” Connection, we discover natural stress solutions that reveal the secrets to our own empowerment and allow us to function at our highest potential.

When functioning at its peak performance, your Nervous System holds the secrets to our inner peace, happiness, and wellness.

With all the sickness, grief, disasters and stress that our world is suffering from, there is no better time to strengthen you, your family and your business.

Dr. Migdal takes you on a journey towards significantly increasing your innate potential for health, wealth and peace.

Her Sessions and Programs are designed to accommodate all ages and fitness levels and can be customized for all audiences.

They are fun, informative, experiential and stress-reducing.

Come Flow With Me…

Holistic Resiliency
Flow Sessions

For Individuals, Families,
Groups & Corporations

Vitality of the human mind, body and spirit depends on the ability to flow easily from one state to the next.

To enjoy high states of health, wellness, resiliency and prosperity, we need to harness the art and power of Flow.

Holistic Resiliency Sessions uncover where your Breath and Nervous System are under pressure and are not flowing to their optimum potentials.

These Holistic Sessions assist and empower thoughts, emotions, postures, and nutritional changes that are needed to increase your productivity, focus, levels of peace, natural immunity and wellness.

Live & Virtual
Trainings & Workshops

Chiropractic Physical Adjustments
Traditional and Modern Preventative Chiropractic techniques for those that wish to experience more vitality and want to reach their highest health potential.

Gentle Energy Vibrational Medicine that incorporates the healing powers of Forgiveness, Reiki, Sacral-Cranial, Rebirthing Breathwork, Integrative Massage and Chiropractic Energy tune ups.

Nutritional Fitness
Consultations and testing for you and your family for each individual body type, personality, blood type and healthy breath weight.

Assessments & Corrections at home and at the workplace. Learn how to correct your posture sitting, standing, walking and at your desk so you can feel, happy, strong and efficient!

Learn Successful Tools for Higher Levels of
Nutritional, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Financial Wellness.

Embrace and Enhance Your Ability
for Personal and Professional Success

Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Nerve and Breath Flow Classes – One hour classes packed with  valuable information on how to heal yourself safe and naturally.

4 Hour Workshops – Incorporate color therapy, deep energy breath therapy, aromatherapy, Chakra Forgiveness, Holistic Chi (energy) Flow and healthy breath and nerve flow posture to soothe grief, trauma, pain and strengthen resiliency.

1-2 Day Trainings – Increase your resilient leadership skills with yourself, family and business to develop higher levels of Self-Empowerment, Emotional, Nutritional, Physical Fitness and Resiliency – let go of the past and strengthen yourself for your future.

Retreats – Regenerate, rejuvenate and heal your body and relationships with daily Breath Work Sessions and Forgiveness Processes, at the ocean or in the wilderness. Release your past trauma, abuse and renew your life force, cells and organs with “Water Rebirthing” and learn how to age gracefully and joyfully.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Lynn Inspires Individuals, Families, Groups and Businesses through Keynote Speaking.

Some of the audiences she speaks to include:

  • Corporations & Industry Leaders
  • Health, Fitness, Wellness & Recovery Centers
  • Parent & Family Organizations
  • Schools & Universities
  • Law Enforcement, Military & Veterans
  • Medical Facilities
  • Victims of Abuse and Trauma

Expert Wellness Consulting

Discover and change what is in your way from feeling great! Learn which foods, thoughts, breath habits and postures might be hurting  and preventing you, your family, and/or your staff and business from thriving.

Learn how to:

  • Boost natural immunity at home and in the workplace.
  • Reduce sports and work injuries
  • Create more Peace
  • Increase focus, productivity, and levels of Wellness
  • Speak to a doctor who understands you, your family or business’s struggles
  • Find out what Natural Successful Tools can help you to thrive at home and in the workplace

Meet Dr. Lynn Migdal

40+ Years of
Dedication & Experience.

“My Loving Mission is to improve the Quality of your Life through educational classes, workshops, books, e courses, videos, and healing sessions. As an author, educator, and natural healer, I can assist you and your family, your school, group, and/or corporation to achieve higher levels of Health, Wellness, Happiness, and Peace with knowledge. Allow me the privilege of presenting the simple truths of Self Healing, Self Empowerment, and Natural Stress Solutions that can help you reach your highest potential!”

Books, Online Courses & Educational Materials

Learn More on Your Own Time.

Self-Study Educational Materials

I have authored several books and designed several online courses to support you in your journey to increased healing and resiliency.

Please take a moment to review my educational materials and make a purchase if you are inspired by my work.