Breathing Shouldn’t be Work…
It Should Flow…

Dr. Migdal is a certified Therapeutic Breath Work instructor and coach for over 40 years. She has successfully helped thousands of clients on a journey of releasing negative patterns that have been preventing them from increasing their levels of health in their bodies, at home and in the workplace with Breath Work.

Breathwork can be done in private or in a group and requires supervision for the first 10 – to 20 sessions.

Holistic Breath Flow is when you are allowing your breathing to flow freely and fully with all emotions, postures and meals. All of your breathing and spinal muscles are engaged and creates healthy neuro chemistry for your whole body.

During breath work therapy, you are usually laying down and are trained/coached into breathing into your full lung space, in a circular and completely connected flow.

The training sessions are usually 1.5 to 2 hours and create an environment where the cells of your body are nourished, energized, and strengthened as they are detoxified. The healthy nourishment of oxygen leaves one feeling clearer, happier, balanced and more peaceful.

During a session, one can potentially regress back into the birth canal, visit and heal past traumas, reduce stress and receive tremendous clarity and insights.

Each Breathwork session is a different journey, and many clients choose to experience it as often as possible as it energizes and de-stresses your mind body and spirit at the same time.

Dr. Lynn’s Personal Journey with Breath Work

If it was not for my knowledge of the benefits of choosing healthy breath and nerve flow postures, I would not be thriving today. I was fortunate to have already been pre-trained and addicted to the ecstasy and health that this flow achieves when a mudslide killed my two daughters, husband and destroyed my two homes.

My nervous system was healthy and resilient as I had been a Breath Worker for over 30 years before this tragedy. Healthy Breath and Nerve Flow Postures helped me build Holistic Resiliency and flow though sudden and devastating loss.

I am teaching this today so that the masses will wake up and realize that one must work on building holistic fitness and resiliency before disaster or sickness strikes and know that these healthy choices will help you to bounce back from crisis and major changes that may come your way.