Keynote Speaking

Dr. Lynn Migdal has spent 40 years successfully reconnecting clients to their own inborn greatness through mastering the tools of a healthy Brain-Breath-Connection and breath posture.

She is a sought-after Breath and Nerve Flow Doctor of Chiropractic, Author and Breathing Instructor, equipped to bring her wisdom to business and educational leaders, victims of abuse, recovery centers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, caregivers, organizations such as  health and fitness centers, yoga studios, holistic wellness centers, parent groups, teachers, students, PTA’s, police, military, veterans and more.

Invite Dr. Lynn, to your next leadership convention, board meeting or retreat and regenerate, rejuvenate and empower successful leadership skills in yourself, your members and the world.

Popular Speaking Topics Include:

Healthy Breathing Postures for Successful Leadership: Harnessing the art, power and flow of your brain and breath!

There is no time like now to discover and to honor the power and health of your very own Brain-Breath-Posture Connection and Flow!

Leadership power is being diminished by unhealthy breath & brain flow postures when using technology such as checking your phone, emails, social media, or texts.

Successful Leaders need to lead themselves into higher levels of holistic fitness if they are going to be a great example and be able to lead their family, their community and their business to higher levels of success.

Learning new breath and posture tools empowers your personal levels of health, focus, love, peace and energy for yourself and your teams.

Honoring the flow of your breath space and brain-breath-posture reconnects you to the true leader that you have always meant to be.

Aging Gracefully & Your Most Pleasurable Breath Weight: Learn 5 secrets that the anti-aging and weight loss business doesn’t want you to know.

Tired of yoyo dieting and hopping on and off scales? Are you losing and gaining back your weight and feeling frustrated with nowhere else to turn?

Learn the simple truths of “Pleasurable Healthy Breath Posture and Breath Weight” and how it could help you to maintain your weight loss, curb your excessive overeating and increase nutritional wellness.

In these presentations your will discover:

  • How the pleasure of full healthy breaths may reduce your desire to overeat, which often leads to constant weight gain, and food abuse!
  • A secret that might inspire you to stop constantly jumping on and off of scales.
  • How to choose the right weight for your health and not by a number.
  • How you can develop a healthy metabolism and find your most pleasurable breath posture and weight.
  • How to become a healthy flow addict, achieve high levels of holistic fitness and improve your chances of maintaining a healthy weight through your breathing.
  • The Cell Renewal Blueprint for rejuvenation and ageless living.

Comfort and Empowerment for the Grieving Soul: Reconnecting and enjoying the love that you think you lost.

Dr. Migdal takes you on a journey from grief to gratitude and the delightful experience of reconnecting to your loved ones.

Picture Breath Dance Therapy is a method of feeling, breathing, moving and healing that has helped hundreds of parents who have lost children to use to soothe the grieving process and return to love.

Raise your level of health and wellness during this very special bereavement time.

How to go from Women’s Wellness to Enjoying Women’s Greatness – Peaceful Healthy Empowerment Tools for Women of All Ages!

Women will learn natural, holistic tools that can raise their ability to heal through Nutritional, Emotional and Physical Fitness, and Neurological Hormonal health.

These programs are experiential and include learning new ways to breathe and move that enhance health from “ordinary wellness” to higher levels of greatness both in the body and in life.

We will dive deep into the root causes of female diseases and offer natural stress solutions to help heal or prevent them.

From Pre-Menstrual to Menstrual, Pre Natal to Labor and Delivery, Breastfeeding, to Menopause woman of all ages can learn to balance and heal their hormonal body and personal and professional work life.

Are you Prepared for the next disaster? Master the skills of Holistic Flow and Resiliency!

Major stress and great life changes are upon all of us.

Holistic Resiliency is one of the most important tools for living and thriving in our stressed out world. Shootings, Disasters, Health and financial stress are placing pressure on our bodies and our lives.

Learn about The Vagus Nerve Connection between the brain and organs, the breath and posture link to PTSD relief, levels of  inflammation, hormonal reactions to stress, and recovery from trauma.

Strengthen your ability to flow from one stress to the next without loss of energy or your ability to stay healthy.