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Pleasurable Breath Weight Lifestyle

Learn what “Pleasurable Healthy Breath Posture and Breath Weight” is, and how and why it can possibly help you to maintain your weight loss and curb your excessive overeating!

Eternal Love Connection

In this extraordinary personal memoir and natural guide book, Dr. Migdal delivers simple tools for handling extreme loss, grief, pain, anxiety, and overwhelm. Learn techniques that incorporate breath, movement, posture, nature, love, and forgiveness to support yourself and others while releasing traumatic or long-term stress from the brain and body.

Woman’s Natural Holistic Guide Book, 1st Edition

Women’s Natural Guidebook will empower every reader to make the right choices and help to improve their state of health, wellness, and fitness.

Woman’s Natural Holistic Guide Book, 2nd Edition

Quick and simple tools that help you optimize your health.

Wind Kissed

Wind Kissed is an entertaining and educational fantasy novel that will empower young readers to look up at life, look up from technology, and make healthy, peaceful choices.