Pleasurable Breath Weight Lifestyle

Discover the secrets of A Healthy Lifestyle of Pleasurable “Breath Posture, Breath Flow and Breath Weight”!

This is not a diet or a quick weight loss program. The purpose of this book is to educate and entertain a new way to maintain a healthy weight using one’s breath space and breath flow.

The lifestyle choices and results presented in this book will be different for everyone and results will vary based on experience, effort, education, health conditions, and other factors that are not in Lynn Migdal, D.C.’s control.

This course and book are not a substitute for the advice of a medical physician. Anyone participating in this course should always consult a medical physician in matters of health, starting a new nutritional plan, exercise program, or with any symptoms that might require medical attention.

Learn what “Pleasurable Healthy Breath Posture and Breath Weight” is, and how and why it can possibly help you to maintain your weight loss and curb your excessive overeating!

With this Ebook you will learn at your own pace & discover:

How the Pleasure of Full Healthy Breaths may reduce your desire to Overeat, which often leads to Constant Weight Gain, and Food Abuse!
A Secret that might inspire you to stop constantly jumping on and off of scales. You will learn how to choose the right weight for your health and Not by a number.

  • Healthy Breath Postures that often improve Nutritional Fitness and Emotional Fitness.
  • How you can develop A Healthy Metabolism and find Your Most Pleasurable Breath Posture and Weight.
  • How to Become a Healthy Flow Addict, Achieve High Levels of Holistic Fitness and improve your chances of Maintaining a Healthy Weight with your very own Breath!